Over the last 30 years or so, people have moved into the County in droves, attracted by the charm and plenty of this beautiful island. Yet the vital statistics reports that emerge every couple of years put this County on the bottom rung in terms of food insecurity, obesity, drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy and low educational scores.

It wasn’t long before the people from “away” realized that their arrival in the community rendered the County's already dismal statistics even more dismal. They also realized that they had the power to change that trend. One of those people was Lynne Donovan, the Pastor of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in the heart of Picton. She gathered a team of people around her to research and brainstorm for a way to turn those statistics around. Their solution was Reaching for Rainbows.

Why Rainbows?

The statistics of Prince Edward County are like a chain, linking one generation to another. Lynne Donovan’s round table recognized that the best way forward was to break that chain. How? By teaching the children who will inherit these statistics how to reimagine themselves. By engaging in these children’s lives at their most impressionable age to give them a chance at a different future.

Reaching for Rainbows was born, then, to give some of the most vulnerable children in the community an opportunity to discover a different perspective of the world and of themselves.