Our volunteers come in many different flavours.
Click on the ice cream cones to see what flavour you would like to be.

Stage Manager

At Reaching for Rainbows, the volunteers who choose to be Stage Managers sit on tiny chairs with tiny people and play. That play can take the form of working on a puzzle, holding the end of a skipping rope, listening to a child read a book or playing a game.

Stage Managers are also in charge of PROPS (filling paint pots or moving the feathers that have strayed into the bead basket back into the feather basket), WARDROBE (straightening up the dress-up cupboard), CATERING (setting up the table for snack), TIMING (helping the girls to follow the daily routine) and STAGING (sweeping the floor or putting the chairs away for the day).

But a Stage Manager’s most important job is to keep the actors happy. Our volunteers do that by listening to our wee girls, by encouraging them and by dispensing hugs and smiles. The compensation is incredible. To see a child thrive because she has been praised, or because she has discovered how to be safe and respectful, is a pot of gold.


At Reaching for Rainbows, the Caterer is universally loved. She’s adored by the girls because she puts together great snacks and she’s doted on by staff and volunteers because she runs the kitchen, leaving them free to do what they do best, keeping the girls engaged.

The Caterer preps the kitchen by cleaning and sterilizing the counters and then makes up a snack with food that has already been purchased and from a menu that has already been posted on the bulletin board.

The volunteers on the floor deliver the snack to the children, but after snack is over, the girls are responsible for depositing their dishes on the kitchen pass-through counter. The Caterer then breaks into her award-winning performance, scraping, washing, rinsing and bleaching dishes and cutlery and then plunking them into the sterilizer. While the sterilizer chugs away, the Caterer wipes and sterilizes the counters once again and puts away all unused food. When the sterilizer spits out the squeaky-clean dishes and utensils, the Caterer puts them all away and then goes home, exhausted, but knowing she’s filled the tummies of some very special little girls.

Talent Scout

Talent Scouts come to Reaching for Rainbows in many guises: carpenters, musicians, yoga instructors, knitters and artists, to name a few. They come either for a short burst or for long-term engagements, perhaps on an irregular schedule.

The role of the Talent Scout is to bring our girls into a circle of talents they have never before explored. We have had Talent Scouts who have taught the girls to build birdhouses. We have had Talent Scouts who have helped the girls make purses. Whatever skill you have to offer, we would love to see if it’s something our girls would be tickled to pursue.

Be forewarned however! We run a play-based program. That means we discover what peaks the interest of each girl and follow her lead. Not every child wants to do yoga, say, so those who don’t, don’t. It’s important that the girls feel free to make choices. It’s part of re-creating themselves. Our Talent Scouts may have a bevy of girls surrounding them on one day, while, on another, they might have only one child smiling up at them. If your heart will be broken because only a few girls are interested in your talent, then you might feel a little forlorn at Reaching for Rainbows.

Artistic Director

Every year a group of musicians puts on a concert called A Canadian Song Celebration to raise money for Reaching for Rainbows.

The County Canteen has run several events on behalf of Reaching for Rainbows. For example, they recently served pizza and beer to a huge crowd of people at their 555 Brewing Company on Main Street and put close to $2,000 in Reaching for Rainbows’ bank account.

In 2018, the Rotary Club of Picton chose Reaching for Rainbows to be the recipient of all of the receipts from their annual Lilac Ride.

These are just some of the events that people, and retailers, and local service groups have dreamed up to help our wee girls. Please talk to us about running an event of your own. Let your imagination fly!


Here are some of the ways in which various clubs, near and far, have raised funds for their organizations. Some of them are bizarre and wacky, but all of them have been financially successful.

One club puts dollars in their coffers by parking cars at events that are held at Zwicks Park.

Another group launches a bottle drive every year and winds up with a healthy boost to their bank account.

A hardy lot in Perth ask people to sponsor them in plunging into the lake in January. In 2017, this bunch raised $4,000 with this event. Strange, but true.

Other organizations have sold Crispy Crème doughnuts outside local stores.

What brilliant scheme can you come up with to give Reaching for Rainbows a helping hand?