Here’s what we do at Reaching for Rainbows to encourage our girls to discover how courageous, creative, curious and capable they can be.

We offer the girls the wonder of a room full of games, toys, materials and activities specifically chosen with their needs in mind and which connect them with a host of mind-growing experiences.

Most of our girls struggle in school, At Reaching for Rainbows, they learn through play without the crushing burden of academic measurement or timelines. Working in their “store”, for example, they get hands-on experience with numbers, writing and reading, not to mention learning what it takes to be a good customer or cashier!

Many of our girls are friendless and bullied. At Reaching for Rainbows they have the chance to meet other vulnerable children who are eager and delighted to form friendships.

Research indicates that, by age four, vulnerable children have heard 15 million fewer words than children in more secure situations. The girls at Reaching for Rainbows thrive under the support, friendship and encouragement of trained staff and volunteers.

Vulnerable children suffer from chronic stress and find it difficult when their environment is chaotic. In our playroom, they enjoy a space that is clean, well-organized, calm and safe, both physically and emotionally.

Vulnerable children are often outsiders, just dying for someone to pay attention to them. Our staff and volunteers are big on listening and gigantic on hugs.

Our girls love snack time. While munching away on healthy food and filling their tummies, they have the most wonderful chats with their buddies, both young and old.

One of the things that vulnerable girls struggle with is feeling powerless. They have trouble grasping concepts in school and they are at the mercy of their peers. At Reaching for Rainbows, our girls choose the activities in which they want to take part and they work at these projects at their own pace. This gives them a sense of control that is totally empowering.

Vulnerability can come with behavioural issues. We give the girls a predictable daily routine that focuses on respect and safety, but within which, they are encouraged to explore and to create to their heart’s content.

Vulnerable children are sometimes lost in the system. They often require attention beyond the abilities of our schools and our social agencies to provide. However, we are fortunate to have people in this community with time and energy to spare, who believe there is no better way to lead a useful life than to put their talents behind the vulnerable girls of this County. These people believe in the ability of our little girls to overcome their vulnerability. With this kind of passion behind them, how can our girls not succeed?

Unlike other children’s programs, where the attendance is short-term and projects are the focus, our girls attend every week throughout most of the year. Most of them stay with Reaching for Rainbows for four years.

We embrace girls who are vulnerable. Our activities are designed, not to keep little hands busy, but to mentor and empower.